1 Eyl 2020

Contents of the Internship Report 2020

a) Summary

b) Introduction (must include the purpose of the internship)

c) Information on the company

I.General information about the institution, company or factory

(must include the information such as transportation, contact, website etc

II.Organization chart

III.Factory departments, product catalogue, marketing etc

IV.Properties that makes the company close to Bioengineering (employed personnel etc

(Sections a, b, c must have 5 pages maximum)

d) Department that you worked at during your internship

I.Detailed information about the departments

II.Production line (from the raw material to the product)

III.Detailed explanation of the production

IV.Production related problems emerged during the internship and the approach for solving them and the solutions

e) Results and Evaluation

I.General evaluation of the company (from the perspective of the production and the organization)

II.Evaluation by the company about your internship

III.Advices for the next interns of the same company

(Sections d, e must be detailed)

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